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About Us

Our History

The Coconuts OCC was established in 1997 and was named after a location as tradition demands. Located at Innisfail’s beautiful Coconuts Beach, the club has direct access to the tropical waters that FNQ is famous for. The Coconuts is an ideal location for a club, set as it is on the mouth of the Johnstone River with direct access to the ocean and in case of bad weather the alternative training grounds in the river. The Club colours are orange, black and white.

The Club has three six person (OC6) traditional style Hawaiian outriggers that are more than 13m long and weigh over 150kg, one lightweight Kamanu OC6 canoe, and one lightweight mirage both weighing 130kg.  The Club also has six two person (OC2) outrigger canoes, three one person (OC1) canoes and one VI canoe.

The club has enjoyed much success in recent years. In 2011 the club set a goal to win a regatta. Not only did the club win one regatta – it won several, going on to pick up the 2011 NQ Zone Men’s Champion Award, NQ Zone Mixed Champions Award, NQ Zone Per-capita Points Award and NQ Zone Overall Points Award.  In 2012 we continued this success taking out the same four awards.  In 2012, our club travelled to the Cook Islands to take part in the Vaka Eiva regatta.  This trip was a highlight of the year for the club, with the Mixed Open crew taking out Bronze in the 36km ‘Round Raro’ changeover marathon.  Since then the club has continued its success in local, national and international competitions.

Our club is active in the community and takes part in many community events, including Feast of the Senses, the Harvest Festival and Australia Day celebrations.

So apart from a good excuse to travel, Coconuts Outriggers is a great local club to be a part of whether you are just learning about the sport or are an athlete looking for a new challenge. You don’t have to be fit (to start with!) – if you enjoy the water and the camaraderie of working together in a team towards a common goal, then paddling at Coconuts Outrigger Canoe Club is for you.

About UsOur Mission Statement:

To promote the sport and the traditions of outrigger canoe racing in an environment that promotes personal fitness and personal development through responsibility, integrity, pride and commitment.

Outrigging History

Outrigger canoeing is one of the fastest growing water sports in Australia. The first Outrigger canoe was built in the Pacific Islands and was used as the only available form of transport between islands and to provide food from the ocean.

Outrigger racing started the moment the second canoe was built. Outrigger canoe racing in the Pacific is a part of life and as essential and prestigious as cricket or rugby is to Australians.

Outrigger Canoeing in Queensland is divided into Southern and Northern Zones. The Southern Zone extends from Tweed Heads to Fraser Island, and the Northern Zone starts at Yeppoon/Rockhampton and stretches as far north as the Torres Strait. All clubs are incorporated and part of Australian Outrigger Canoe Racing Association (AOCRA).

Paddling Traditions

Outrigging has a long tradition and the Coconuts OCC prides itself in keeping most of the traditional aspects of the sport alive. All our canoes are blessed and named in special ceremonies. We treat our canoes with the utmost respect and care. Canoes are rigged in the traditional ways with ropes. They are the craft that carry us in the ocean’s swell and bring us back to the shore safely.

Paddling Etiquette

  • We do not swear or make inappropriate comments in the canoe.
  • Where possible we park the canoe with the bow pointing towards the water or out to sea.
  • We do not stand in the canoe while on the water.
  • We do not sit or stand on the canoe or step over it out of the water.
  • We always enter and exit the canoe from the left side – the ama side. The canoe is the most important member of the crew and is treated accordingly.


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